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Chasing Tales


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Hamburg based artist and songwriter CHASING TALES writes genre bending songs somewhere between indie, folk
and electronica, melancholia and wanderlust, darkness and light.
After a years long hiatus from music, he quit is job in advertising to create and travel at the end of 2019. Two singles
and a global pandemic later, he is finally ready to celebrate his next release.


Chasing Tales - TWIAD / BP


DThe TWIAD/BP EP is a collection of songs that reflect on societal conflicts, fears and shortcomings.
It is a way of processing the current political climate, the crisis we are collectively going through but also the desperate need and fight for political and social change if we want to save the planet and our own species. But while you can interpret the songs as
protest, even political and rebellious at times and often sad and dark, the songs also tell stories of love and self acceptance.
The EP begins and ends with two instrumental pieces that start and end the journey through my thoughts and feelings on different issues and stories. It starts in a dark place… and ends in light. Because through all the darkness, there are moments and people
that remind us of the beauty of being alive. And that the change towards a more loving and caring collectivity is something worth
fighting for.
There is no light without darkness.
But there is darkness without light.
This world is a dark/ beautiful place
The ep 01


Chasing Tales - THE RIVER

First and foremost, THE RIVER is a tragic love story.
But it is also carries an anti war message and while it zooms in to the life and death of a young couple, the song reflects on how irrelevant and small our individual stories are compared to the history of the world.


The planet will outlive us after all.

Chasing Tales - BURN THIS CITY


Sometimes I am angry. Our generation is surrounded by people that want to bring about change, make the world a better place. But when we turn on the news, we witness how the „but its been this way forever“- sayers, the old ways, the shortsighted, the power hungry prevail. Not necessarily because there are so many. But because too many others look away when it really matters.
This song is a reflection of that anger that results in a fantasy of burning the old ways down and letting nature take over to return the planet to its most beautiful state. Not that I would act on it… or would I?

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