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“Anima” is a term of psychoanalysis that describes a part of the soul which has opposite qualities of the own ego, wishes, longings and ideals. It appears in dreams, visions and fantasies and can have light and dark, good and evil effects on its own. It embodies human ambivalence, impulsivity, inexplicably abstract messages and thus symbolically represents the aesthetics and vision of the band.


ANIMA is a five-headed Band based in Dresden, Germany that locates itself in the genre of Nu Jazz. The sound of the band is formed by trumpet (Joel Ferrando), vibraphone (Arthur Clees), guitar and baritone guitar (Lorenz Glöckner), double bass (Kevin Knödler) and drums (Samuel Dietze).

When playing, ANIMA seeks to find its own raw expression through diffuse atmospheres, driving rhythms and emotional melodies, opening up spaces for the listener to immerse themselves in. Composition and improvisation are not meant to oppose each other, but to merge into a unified experience that makes use of a maximum dynamic and climatic range. The songs tell stories that should captivate the listener through dramaturgy and surprise. That is why the band experiments with new timbres at all times, develops new textures through different touch and playing techniques, but without losing focus on the holistic organic sound as a group. Additionally, ANIMA works with spoken lyrics and samples as complementary elements.





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